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Be a catalyst for positive change and join us in our mission at the Muzanga Foundation. We are committed to improving livelihoods in the rural areas of Eastern Zambia. In our organisation, everything revolves around Participatory Action Research. It serves as our guiding principle, influencing the design and execution of our projects.

At the Muzanga Foundation, our focus revolves around three key initiatives: Community Development, Safe Transportation and Wildlife Education. These initiatives encompass a diverse range of projects that are collaboratively designed with the involvement of local communities. Together, we strive to build a brighter future, one project at a time.

Participatory Action Research combines traditional research and “action in the field” to promote collaborative problem-solving, knowledge co-creation, and social change. Our research design empowers us to bridge the gap between theory and practice effectively.

Through Participatory Action Research projects, we aim to identify and tackle the unique challenges faced by local communities, with a strong emphasis on sustainable development. We believe in actively engaging community members and stakeholders at every stage of the research process, nurturing their skills and knowledge, and empowering them to take charge of the projects.

Development Goals


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Muzanga Headquarters is more than just a home base; it’s a hub of collaboration and innovation. Here, we work hand in hand with locals on our community projects while providing a space for experimentation and training. Overlanders exploring Zambia are invited to pitch their (rooftop) tent on our plot. Operating on a donation basis, 100% of profits support our community initiatives. Additionally, we collaborate closely with Personal Touch Safaris and The Bush Spa to ensure that visitors to Muzanga Headquarters can experience professional guided safaris and relaxation at the spa.

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Participatory Action Research

Participatory Action Research is a collaborative approach that combines research and action in the field.

With PAR, a diverse community of stakeholders, including organisations and individuals, comes together to explore complex issues. We delve into shared situations, gathering insights and reflections along the way.

But we don’t stop at understanding the problem. PAR empowers us to work together and co-create the best solutions. Through this participatory process, we design interventions that address the situation effectively, ensuring lasting and positive change.

Our Muzanga Researchers play a crucial role as facilitators guiding this inclusive process.

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