Muzanga Foundation Team


The management team of the Muzanga Foundation consists of individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, united by their passion for community development and sustainable change. The team is dedicated to driving the foundation’s mission forward and ensuring its success.

The Team

The Muzanga Foundation operates with a collaborative and inclusive staffing plan. Our three directors lead the research and community development initiatives. They work closely with community members to conduct research and ensure meaningful engagement.

Voluntary staffing roles

Board members of our foundation have a supervisory role over the activities of the directors to ensure they align with the foundation’s objectives and legal obligations.

Chairman: Jip (Lieke) Kuijper
Secretary: Terry Maas
Treasurer: Sander de Haas

Passionate individuals who contribute to the research process, gaining practical experience and supporting our projects.

Facilitators of communication and collaboration between the foundation and local communities, representing community voices and assisting with capacity-building.

Enthusiastic individuals who support us in data collection, analysis, and project implementation, gaining hands-on experience.

Professionals with specialised skills who contribute their knowledge to address specific project needs, enhancing our effectiveness.

Emma Pierre

General Director and Director of Social Innovation