Building a Community Centre

In Maulidi Village, Mfuwe, Zambia we’re building a Community Centre to focus on community development. This centre will serve as a place where the community can come together. They can organise various events, receive tourists, and conduct trainings, workshops, lessons, and cultural ceremonies.

Future Dream

The centre will provide as a space for the community to come together and engage in various activities. We’ll provide access to education and training opportunities, which will contribute to the development of human capital in the community. Our dream for the future is to build a community centre that empowers residents to explore their talents, realise their ideas, and achieve their goals. The centre will serve as a platform to come together, share knowledge, and engage in activities that promote personal and collective well-being.

Realising the dream

The Muzanga Foundation will coordinate the construction of the centre and work closely with the community to ensure that it reflects their wishes and dreams. The centre will be equipped with facilities for various activities such as training, workshops, and cultural events. It will also serve as a tourist centre to promote the rich culture and heritage of the community. The foundation will facilitate the implementation of ideas and activities that will take place in the centre, ensuring that the community’s needs and aspirations are taken into account. The construction of the centre will also provide employment opportunities for the community. In addition, two houses we will construct two houses on the plot, serving as a base for Muzanga Foundation workers to collaborate with the community and provide support where needed.

Long-Term Impact

The community centre will empower residents to explore their talents, work together, and improve the collective well-being. By providing a space for personal growth and community development, the centre will strengthen social bonds and create opportunities for income generation and cultural exchange. Ultimately, the centre will be a catalyst for positive change.