Emma Pierre

General Director and Director of Social Innovation

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Education & Training

After my experience in Zambia in 2018, I knew in my heart that this was where I wanted to build my future. The beauty of Zambia, both in its nature, wildlife and its people, captivated me. It was during my time in Maulidi Village, working and living with the locals for The Sustainable Tourism Challenge, that I truly connected with the community and felt a deep sense of purpose. As a student specialising in Social Innovation and Community Design, I was passionate about making a positive impact through action research.

Throughout my academic journey, I dedicated myself to gaining hands-on experience through various field projects. I graduated with honors, receiving recognition for my thesis on Action Research. Becoming an expert in the field and expanding my academic knowledge were important steps towards realising my dream of starting my own foundation in Zambia.

While I couldn’t permanently leave the Netherlands due to my studies at the time, I made a commitment to return to Zambia and other Southern African countries twice a year. My passion for community development never wavered, and I continued working as a Social Innovator and Creative Support freelancer on different projects in the Netherlands. Alongside that, I served as a council member for the green left party GroenLinks and worked as the managing director at a refugee NGO, combining my efforts to create positive change.

In 2023, after returning to Zambia, my Dutch and Zambian friend and I decided to turn our dreams and expertise into reality. Finally we established the Muzanga Foundation. Our vision is to empower communities and foster sustainable development. In 2023, we started the construction of our office in Mfuwe, Zambia, a tangible step towards creating a lasting impact.